Critical Information Summary (CIS)

Service To Be Provided Uses fiber and complementary technologies to deliver a Premium broadband experience to your home.
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Upload Speed 50 Mbps
Are Faster Speeds Available? Yes – symmetrical speeds up to 1000 Mbps. See “Service Speed Upgrades” below for details
% Typical Speed Achievable 75%
Does pricing include GST Yes
Included Data Unlimited
Failover Technology If Network Backbone Service Fails NBN (Optional) + Redundant Pathways and Dynamic Routing (OSPF)
Minimum Monthly Charge $99
Maximum Monthly Charge $99
Early Termination Max Charge $594
Minimum Term Applicable 6 Months
Payment Method Direct Debit from nominated Bank Account or Credit/debit Card
Billing Frequency & Method Monthly In-Advance
Service Definition The Service and products may also be referred to as the “Equipment” in our General Terms and Conditions of Trade Agreement located at

Information about the service

What is XNET Rural Fiber?
This product is a Premium quality internet service delivered to you using fiber and complementary technologies. Designed for residential Clients, XNET Rural Fiber delivers faster speeds and symmetrical access to the Internet with single digit latency performance. We also offer an Enterprise Upgrade option for businesses that require higher levels of performance. The product is superior to the NBN SkyMuster, StarLink and 4G equivalents, that suffer from high latency and poor upload speeds.
Where is it available?
Anywhere XSTRA has installed its infrastructure. To find out if the service is available to you, please call 1300 555 920
What do I need to access this service?
Here are the steps required to connect to the service:
1. Create your free account by clicking – HERE. At the end of the process please read the Global Terms & Conditions of Trade and complete a Direct Debit form.
2. If your application is approved, XSTRA will confirm a time and date to meet you at your premises to conduct an On-Site survey. The cost of the On-Site survey is $165 inc-GST and is non-refundable regardless of whether you proceed with an XNET service or not.
3. XSTRA will conduct the On-Site survey with you at the allotted time, where the following items will be discussed:
  • Method of Lead-In and the works required
  • Identify any impediments
  • Agree on Lead-In installation costs and hardware costs
4. XSTRA will prepare a quote or provide other correspondence, seeking your approval to proceed with installing the service.
5. If you decide to proceed, XSTRA will create a ticket for the Lead-In works and you will be kept up to date on the progress via messages sent to your nominated email address. The ticket will probably include details such as:
  • Drawing and plan of proposed Lead-In works
  • Method of installation including details of:
    • Installation start date
    • Risks and risk mitigation strategies
  • Details of the agreed service installations costs and other information that might be relevant to the installation
6. Phone line and number considerations for when the NBN comes to your home and how XSTRA can help.
  • Your copper phone line will be taken over by the NBN when/if it comes to your home. This means that you need to transfer to an IP phone service (internet-based phone) or you will lose your current landline phone connection. See our home phone plans below to keep your home number permanently connected.
  • You may find that all the phone sockets within your premises are disabled
7. Once the ticket is closed and assuming the installation was able to be completed, then you will have a working service
What is included?
Features of this service include:
  • Speeds faster than the NBN’s standard home plans
  • Lowest latency
  • No excess usage
  • 24 Hour, 7 Days Remote Support
  • Replaces Mobile Phone Tower Requirements For Your Smart Phone 
    • Crystal Clear Mobile Calls – no need to connect to a 4G tower
    • Make & Receive calls from your mobile phone 
    • Super Fast SMS messaging
    • Reduces the need to install 4G repeaters, minimizing the radiation levels in your home
Do I have to bundle anything with the service?
Bundling is not compulsory. You can opt to bundle your home phone or any of our bolt-on features like a static IP
Please note that this service may be suspended and/or cancelled if:

Information about pricing

SERVICE SPEED UPGRADES – (Upload / Download)
Mbps Additional Cost Per Month
75 / 75 $10
150 / 150 $80
250 / 250 $160
1,000 / 1,000 $700
Item Cost Units Frequency Optional
Connection Fee – includes connection to NAP, supply, installation of FAT, TB, CPE, and all required fiber Terminations or as required $1650 Per NAP Connection Once-Off No
XVOICE Home Phone – Porting Per Number $55 Per Number Once -Off Yes
Item Cost Units Frequency Optional
Air-Gap including hardware only at both ends $625 Per Air-Gap Once-Off Maybe
Solar-Power Hardware if required per end $660 Per End – Per Air-Gap Once-Off Maybe
Pole including hardware and installation if required $330 Per Pole Once-Off Maybe
Aerial Above Ground Installation on poles per meter including fiber cable, hardware, and installation $11 Per Meter Once-Off Maybe
Underground Trench installation per meter including fiber cable, hardware, and installation in soft soil $44 Per Meter Once-Off Yes
Underground Trench installation per meter including fiber cable, hardware, and installation in rocky or similar soil $55 Per Meter Once-Off Yes
Boring works To Be Determined As Req’d. Once-Off Yes
Survey Costs like Dial Before Dig and other costs possible At Cost As Req’d. Once-Off Yes
Traditional Star-Picket Wire Fencing installation per meter including fiber cable, hardware, and installation $16.50 Per Meter Once-Off Maybe
Existing Fence Fiber Cable installation per meter including fiber cable, hardware, and installation $10 Per Meter Once-Off Maybe
Fiber Cable per meter for installation to be arranged by you $5.50 Per Meter Once-Off Maybe
Steel Metal Cabinet including installation $242 Per Unit Once-Off Yes
Item Cost Units Frequency Optional
Static Publicly Routable IPv4 Address 16.50 Per IP Monthly Yes
XVOICE Home Number + Unlimited National & Mobile Calling 20.90 Per Number Service Monthly Yes
GrandStream HT801 (EPS) – allows you to connect a regular phone to the Internet 48.40 Per Unit Once-Off Yes
Yealink DECT Wireless Solution including W60B Base Station and 1 W56H Handset (EPS) – a wireless phone that connects directly to the Internet 162.80 Per Unit Once-Off Yes
TELSTRA 4G Failover Sim – (Requires additional hardware) 45 Per Unit Monthly Yes
Excess Usage Charges
There are no excess usage charges
Other Possible Costs
  • If you bundle your broadband service with a phone service or any of our bolt-on features, your monthly costs may be different. If you are unsure about anything regarding costs please call us to speak to a team member who will assist.
  • You can not decrease the cost of the service within the minimum contract period.
  • Other fees and charges may be included on your monthly invoice for any work undertaken under our Schedule 1 – Rates & Charges shown here

Other information

Customer Service
Use and of the following methods to contact us for assistance 24 Hours, 7 Days
Phone: 1300 555 920
Disputes and Public Statements
Dispute Resolution – at Section 8 in our Global General Terms and Conditions of Trade Agreement, we provide you with methods to make formal complaints. Our Global General Terms and Conditions of Trade Agreement is located at

If you are still not happy with the outcome of your complaint after following our dispute resolution process, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent mediation. The TIO can be contacted by calling 1800 062 058 or visiting the TIO website at
XSTRA Group Pty Ltd
Suite 7, 2 Benson St, TOOWONG, QLD, 4066, AUSTRALIA
Global Contact Information:
Global Company Information:


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