XSTRA makes no guarantee that any request from a Client to change a Client’s XVOICE phone system will be able to be completed at any specific time or within any specific time-frame. If for example, the Client requires that XSTRA install special holiday messages and configure times that these messages should be played, then XSTRA advise that you make your requests at least 45 DAYS out from the date upon which the recordings should be active and XSTRA guarantee to implement the desired changes. This condition has come about from periods such as Christmas, where a large number of Clients contact XSTRA’s Help Desk within a few days of Christmas and request many complicated programming to be performed on their XVOICE phone system to play recorded Christmas messaging during times when their offices would normally be open. This has caused massive strain on our human resources and in some cases, has meant that Client’s requests have not been actioned.
If the Client wishes to make the change request ticket, “Billable” at XSTRA’s standard Schedule 1 Rates, then XSTRA will prioritise the change request to ensure the best possible outcome.
ConsumerXSTRA provides all Clients with a genuine and reasonable opportunity to negotiate the terms of their contract and obligations to XSTRA, before and during the term of any active service. Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code
XSTRA’s XVOICE Home & Business Phone plans are supplied on the basis that you waive the CSG. The charges for XSTRA’s XVOICE plans are typically cheaper than the charges for other plans in the market which may include the CSG but you should make your own assessment as to whether the XSTRA XVOICE plans represent sufficient value for you to waive the rights given to you under the CSG.
If you wish to acquire a XSTRA XVOICE Phone and Landline Rental plan or service in respect of which XSTRA requires that the CSG be waived, you must agree to waive the CSG.
If you give a CSG waiver and withdraw that waiver within 5 working days of giving it, the waiver will not be effective and you agree that we may terminate the agreement for the supply of the XSTRA XVOICE Service.
The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) is a guarantee that is prescribed under the Telecommunications Act 1997 and gives consumers certain rights in connection with standard telephone services. These rights include:
  • The right to be provided with information about the CSG and the performance standards applicable under it;
  • The right to receive compensation if a standard telephone service is not connected within a specified timeframe;
  • The right to receive compensation if a fault or service difficulty exists on a standard telephone service and is not rectified within a specified timeframe;
  • The right to receive compensation if XSTRA misses an appointment with a customer with whom XSTRA has made an appointment in connection with the standard telephone service.
  • The specified timeframes and the amounts of compensation vary based on the customer location, the nature of the infrastructure available at the customer site and the length of time during which default has occurred. Full detail of the compensation can be found with a search of the ACMA website ( http://www.acma.gov.au )
  • FAXING – on SIP or VoIP technologies is a “best effort” affair. And while XSTRA will make every possible effort to ensure your faxing works, the outcomes, both short term and long term cannot be guaranteed. We suggest Clients opt to email documents instead which is far superior in terms of quality and security.
  • Multi-Tenant – some Clients aim to have sub-tenants on their hosted PBX systems. While we support this configuration, some features may need to be disabled or modified. One example is that sub-tenants may need to dial a “prefix” number to get an outside line. This is required to ensure features such as “Call Forwarding” work appropriately where calls from forwarded for a sub-tenant actually use the sub-tenants trunk for the outbound leg of the forwarded call.
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