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XDEVICE – Printer Edition

XDEVICE » XDEVICE – Printer Edition

XDEVICE – Printer Edition 24/7 Support and Management – Per Printer – Per Month Comprehensive printer care includes 24×7 Remote & Phone Support for Printer incidents & requests Core Windows Operating System Driver…



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    GENERAL FEATURES XDEVICE XCLOUD Remote Work Compatible – Work from home and anywhere Yes Roam and Work on any device – Computer Hardware Independence Yes Persistent Desktop – start your day with your desktop exactly…

XDEVICE – Server Edition

XDEVICE » XDEVICE – Server Edition

XDEVICE – SERVER Edition 24/7 Anti-Virus, Support, Management, Maintenance and Monitoring – Per Server – Per Month Comprehensive Server maintenance includes 24×7 Remote & Phone Support for Windows based Server…

XDEVICE – PC Edition


XDEVICE – PC Edition 24/7 Anti-Virus, Support, Management, Maintenance and Monitoring – Per PC – Per Month Comprehensive PC maintenance includes 24×7 Remote & Phone Support for Windows based PC incidents and…

Price List

XDEVICE » Price List

XDEVICE PRICE LIST Description Monthly Cost (ex GST) Units Server $225 Per Server PC/Laptop $65 Per PC or Laptop Printer/Scanner $35 Per Printer Smart Phone $6 Per Phone Tablet $6 Per Tablet |_. Other | | * Discounts are available for existing XCLOUD…


XDEVICE » Overview

XDEVICE delivers a range of technologies focused on the care of end-point devices 24/7 Remote Support Management Maintenance Monitoring Reporting Pro-Active Remediation Applicable End-Point Devices include: Computers &…

XCLOUD – Enterprise Browser

XCLOUD » XCLOUD – Enterprise Browser

XCLOUD – Enterprise Browser Citrix Enterprise Browser – Per User – Per Month Scenario Fit For Users who only work in a Browser and require all of the Security, Safety and Performance that Citrix…

XCLOUD – Basic


XCLOUD – Basic Windows Server 2022 Virtual Desktops – Per User – Per Month Scenario Fit Perfect for entry-level and front-line administration users with: Light SaaS needs Light browser workloads Low…



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XCLOUD – Enterprise

XCLOUD » XCLOUD – Enterprise

XCLOUD – Enterprise Citrix Windows Server 2022 Virtual Desktops – Per User – Per Month Scenario Fit Perfect for Work-From-Anywhere enterprise level power users who require optimum: Security – Secure…

Remote Assistance – XMESH

XCARE » Remote Assistance – XMESH

XMESH When instructed by an XSTRA Service Desk Team member, please click on the appropriate logo below for your operating system Our Remote Assistance Policy To access a Client’s…

Terms & Conditions

XCLOUD » Terms & Conditions

XCLOUD – User Account – Disablement & Deletion Policy Often Clients forget to disable a User account with us and as a result they incur costs that should have been avoided. To assist Clients with this problem, and unless we have written…

Contact Information

ABOUT » Contact Information

Global Phone Numbers Australia: +61 7 3123 4111 – (I) 1300 555 920 – (I) 0401777475 – Outbound SMS Service – (T) Hong Kong: +852 5808 3186 – (I) New Zealand: +64 9951 8015 –…

20200620 – FaceBook’s Latest Attack On Your Privacy

NEWS – 2024 » NEWS ARCHIVE » Year 2020 » 20200620 – FaceBook’s Latest Attack On Your Privacy

20th June 2020 NameCheap highlights FaceBook’s latest tactic to create an end-run on not only your privacy but the GDPR itself. Instead of GDPR being the hardest legal standard to meet, “legitimate interest” becomes the free pass for anyone who wants to…


XPARTS » Overview

Transform Your Technology Procurement with XSTRA At XSTRA, we understand that acquiring the right hardware and software—collectively known as “Equipment” under our Terms & Conditions of Trade—is crucial for your business’s success. This is why we…


XCRM » Preamble

CIOCTO is the world’s only solution that combines deep systems integration and multi-dimensional client information into one software tool! Its elegant, modern interface is fast to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful for professionals. CIOCTO lets you work…

Price List

XNET » Price List

XNET – GENERAL SERVICES PRICE LIST XNET Product Description Price Monthly XNET – Virtual Router Unlimited Public Bandwidth Up and Down 24×7 Help Desk Priority Support from certified Mikrotik technical experts Get Setup Fast – The…



Critical Information Summary (CIS) Service To Be Provided Business Grade Broadband supplied by AAPT care of NBN Co. Download Speed 50 Mbps Upload Speed 20 Mbps Are Faster Speeds Available? Yes %…

XNET Rural Fiber – Technical Brief

XNET » XNET Rural Fiber » XNET Rural Fiber – Technical Brief

This document contains important information for all participants in this Research & Development Proof Of Concept (POC). Please read carefully. It is also a long document with many details and there are likely to be errors so please let us know of these errors by…