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Isn’t it time you find an internet service that’s made for your business?The XSTRA team believes that your company’s needs should come first.

So let’s talk about your new data plan…

Available at the nation and global level, XSTRA’s internet and communication packages come with 24/7 support, and solutions for every scenario.

Why partner with XSTRA for business internet?

Because we provide an extensive range of internet services at competitive pricing.

Because we are leaders in this field.


Because we won’t let you down.

It’s just that simple.

Our primary features include:

  • ADSL: If you prefer using your existing copper lines, our advanced ADSL solution can help you get the data you want at modern internet speeds – even while still using traditional telephone services.
  • EFM: Ethernet First Mile services provide much larger uploads than Adsl and allow you access to internet services at the speeds you require…and with highly affordable prices, even for small businesses
  • Fiber: We offer access to the latest fiber installations for extra-fast, dependable internet access. If your company demands the highest levels in bandwidth, we’ve got you covered.
  • NBN: Find competitive NBN offerings for your ventures, at the bandwidth you need.
  • Wireless Internet: The latest wireless solutions for a mobile, on-the-go workforce, and your own BYOD policies. Create and customize wireless access to channel data where you need it to go – without worrying about dropped connections.
  • 4G: Does your company need reliable, long-distance access to important data? Or redundancy in case of a fixed line outage? Our 4G solutions ensure that connections are always available when you need them.

Contact us today at 1300 555 920 or to learn more about how XSTRA Group can help your business.