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XSTRA is an IT solutions company that is constantly evolving and searching for new opportunities to bring value to business around the world. XSTRA has a presence in the Philippines and in discussions with various companies around Manilla, it was clear that businesses were starving for more bandwidth and cost-effective bandwidth. At present, these are lacking in Manilla. In Sept 2016 XSTRA staffed were tasked with research and development of our own wireless internet (air fibre). In October, proof of concept was complete, and we were ready for in the field tests.

Behind the scenes, while R&D was taking place, partnerships were established with various internet wholesalers, whose backhaul we would ultimately need to access to for customers to connect with the rest of the world.

In November 2016, we were ready for the build to commence.

By the end of November 2016, XSTRA’s Philippine team had mounted air fibre wireless internet dishes at various locations, as well as installing fibre throughout 3 office towers in Manilla to supply high-speed internet.

[youtube]Our current coverage looks like this:

Our first customer went live in December, and since then, we have a flood of requests for the service. Full steam ahead!

Now that proof of concept is complete in the Philippines, XSTRA now plans to bring our wireless internet to Australia to plug holes in the NBN rollout schedule, where geographical locations are outside of the 3-year build plan.

Stay tuned!