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Unbeatable NBN Speeds At Unbeatable Prices

Your business needs the right broadband connection to get the job done – choose NBN from XSTRA Group.

The Internet is a must-have in today's business world – but not just any connection will do. In order to keep your staff productive and connected, you need to ensure that you have broadband speeds that can keep up, without breaking the bank. That's why you need an NBN connection – allow XSTRA Group to help. We're proud to offer a series of Business plans designed to suit the needs of a range of different company sizes and requirements. Our plans include:
  • 12/1 = $75.00
  • 25/5 = $88.00
  • 25/10 = $97.00
  • 50/20 = $110.00
  • 100/40 = $121.00

It's not just about the download and upload speeds though – all of our NBN plans also include the following features, delivered by our team of IT experts:

  • 24/7 Support to ensure your network is performing optimally.
  • Unlimited Data so that you don't have to deal will annoying overage charges and throttled speeds.
  • A 12-Month Contract to keep your rate low, predictable, and easy to budget.

Get in touch with XSTRA Group right away at 1300 555 920 or to learn more about our unbeatable NBN business plans.

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