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Today’s healthcare market is the most technologically driven wellness system in all of history.

With that level of technology comes tremendous advantages of time savings, record keeping, and workflow management.

However, if the technology in your healthcare practice is not professionally handled, you could face legislative compliance issues and be confronted with productivity-killing downtime.

This is not an understatement.

XSTRA Group treats the IT management of healthcare practices like yours with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Whether you realize it or not, your healthcare facility is under constant scrutiny from the public as well as governmental agencies – not to mention the fact that you are a prime target for cyber-criminals.

Does your current IT management reflect…

  • The high confidentiality expectations of your patients?
  • The user-friendly, client-facing technology and applications that other industries use?
  • The regulatory compliance requirements of your country?

Security and privacy of healthcare records is the hot topic of our day.

But the experts at XSTRA Group go a step beyond security and backup to the question of efficient and timely retrieval of your essential records.

Do you know exactly how long it would take you to retrieve your patient and billing records if you were to suffer a catastrophic IT failure?

XSTRA Group technicians will keep you from that catastrophic failure and ensure a speedy retrieval and replacement process – just in case.

Don’t you wish that you could…

  • Get away from all of that paper?
  • See more patients in a day?
  • Have more time to spend as you wish?
  • Make your employee’s work simpler?
  • Sleep well knowing your data is secure?

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