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We believe in new thinking, and old-school work ethics.

We believe in hiring good people – in every sense of the word.

Careers at XSTRA Group

We believe in Team Work. We believe therefore that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Philosophy on Hiring People is simple and can be summed up by asking yourself the following question…

Are you able to believe in something great – YOU ? If you answered ‘YES’ and you believe in YOU, then read on!

This approach and capability sets XSTRA aside in sea of competitors who do little more than ‘re-sell’ other companies solutions.

Innovation has top priority for the XSTRA Group. As a dynamic company, we inspire imaginative and forward-thinking people who are looking for new challenges.

At XSTRA you will find the appropriate entry for every level of your career. An exciting job working with modern network technologies is waiting for you!

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