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We’re Specialists in Your Industry’s Technology

XSTRA Group has broad experience in caring for IT environments across a wide array of industries. Some business sectors have more nuanced and complicated IT requirements and we have honed our expertise to suit.

Real Estate

Your Real Estate business cannot communicate and collaborate without a strong IT foundation. Let us help you sell more properties. XSTRA Group offers a complete range of services that can ensure your business’ technological security and convenience. With XSTRA Group on your side, you’ll see many company-wide benefits


Manufacturing is a complicated web of supply chain and distribution factors.  Maintaining an optimal IT environment is often too much for any firm to handle on their own, but as many wise business owners have realised, there is a better way. XSTRA Group expertise has helped many firms like yours to solve the problems caused by inefficient IT and we can help you too!


Your Healthcare business is subject to privacy concerns and legislative compliance requirements. Compliance is an ever-changing challenge for businesses of all industries, but primarily those that work in the healthcare industry. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, to assist our clients in achieving compliance in their industry. Let us help you stay safe and in full compliance.


Your government institution or agency is expected to provide secure, confidential access of files to other governmental entities and enable seamless constituent account access. To do so, you need the skills of a qualified IT team. Because many local government branches do not have the large budget needed to employ an internal team, outsourcing their IT to the XSTRA Group team is the right and best choice.

Financial Services

Providing consistent uptime for your financial services firm is essential for business success. Downtime interrupts deals in progress, communications, and employee productivity – effecting your credibility in the eyes of your clients. Let the XSTRA Group team give you secure, stable IT performance!


IT security has become a big deal for educational institutions. Hacks and ransomware have been used against schools, colleges, and universities worldwide to extort millions. Let the XSTRA Group team protect you and give your staff the stable, efficient IT that will boost their job satisfaction and productivity levels.


When your retail technology is slow, sales are either delayed or lost altogether. The XSTRA Group team believes in proactively monitoring and maintaining your retail IT so it performs the way it should – day after day. But our retail solutions go further than reliability. Our IT security offerings fortify your onsite and online retail assets against attack.

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