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Xstra is excited to announce our newest client, Foresiight PTY LTD, a privately owned company that provides a comprehensive range of point of sale, accounting, stock control and mobile commerce applications to their clients throughout Australia. Established in 1981, Foresiight’s range of solutions include ProfiitPlus(tm), Alchemii(tm) and Liinc(tm), all of which were developed in-house with […]

Devices as a Service? It makes more sense than you might think: Here’s why. The “as-a-Service” trend is nowhere near dying out yet: Companies are determined to try everything as a service until they find out what ultimately works and what doesn’t. That can lead to a little uncertainty when adopting new services because no […]

Don’t let your next IT project succumb to these common pitfalls that businesses face. IT projects: They’re commonplace, important for business growth – and they fail all the time. But what causes a big systems upgrade or change to flunk out? That’s a whole lot of time, energy and money going to waste for the […]

Groups on Outlook is a great team management tool if you don’t want to adopt a whole new app. “Groups” has been an ability in Office 365 that allows you to create a digital team and share information with them, where everyone can share permissions in common. It’s a handy tool for small-time team management […]

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based work hub destined to change the way you communicate with team members. Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your Office 365 experience. The goal of Office 365 developers is not only to make better productivity applications, but they also want to allow for a more collaborative […]

May 17 is World Telecommunications Day Top Three Things to Know About World Telecommunications Day   World Telecommunication Day may not be a holiday you’ve heard much about, but the day has been celebrated annually since 1969. This year’s theme is “Big Data for Big Impact” and will focus on the future improvement of our […]

It’s called the Wanna Decryptor, and it’s one of the most feared ransomware strains today. Why? Because once your systems are infected with this ransomware variant, there is nothing that can be done for you. There is no known software that can decrypt a computer or network once it has been infected and encrypted by […]

When someone thinks of spam they typically think of unsolicited bulk commercial email they receive in their inbox. However, the concept of spam started a little earlier than you might think. How far back? How does 1864 sound? Spam in 1864 you say? Yes, in the form of a telegraph, advertising a local dentistry actually. […]

Need a fast Windows screenshot? We’ll show you how to do it! Do you need to take a quick Windows screenshot for work or fun, but can’t figure out how to do it? Don’t worry: Our guide will show you just how it’s done. Copy the Screen for Posts Traditionally, the “Print Screen” option is […]

Background on the latest phishing scams to target Mac users and tips on how to avoid falling victim to online phishing attacks. Unfortunately, owning a Mac often gives users a false sense of security. Rumors have floated around for years that Apple provides the ultimate level of protection and there isn’t a need to have […]