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Ransomware will continue growth in 2017. Learn how to help your business ward off these threats. Cybersecurity thought leaders have dubbed 2016 as The Year of Ransomware. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation tells us that for 2017 ransomware activity will remain high and losses will likely top $1 billion for the second year […]

XSTRA is an IT solutions company that is constantly evolving and searching for new opportunities to bring value to business around the world. XSTRA has a presence in the Philippines and in discussions with various companies around Manilla, it was clear that businesses were starving for more bandwidth and cost-effective bandwidth. At present, these are […]

Facebook ads allow event planners to use a direct marketing approach Social media has outpaced other media platforms to such an extent that hard copy newspapers and magazines are becoming more and more rare with each passing year. Our pervasive use of devices has swelled the coffers of e-businesses with ad dollars. Facebook may be […]

With the full support of managed IT, your business will become more efficient, and you will be in a position to allocate more resources towards business growth. Many services such as remote monitoring, data backup, and storage, as well as network security, will gradually be scaled up as your business expands. An excellent IT support […]

How Do I Set My Out Of Office In Microsoft Outlook To Only Send From One Date To Another? In Outlook, click on File, Info then select Automatic Replies (Out of Office). Click on Send Automatic Replies and check the Only send during this time range check box. Specify a start and end time for […]

With over 16 years in business, we know what we are doing. Our staff is certified in leading IT solutions such as Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, CompTIA, and Mikrotik.

XSTRA offers broad experience in caring for IT environments across a wide array of industries.

Small business owners have many options regarding using the cloud, but a public cloud option offers many benefits that others do not. You have likely heard of the cloud, but if you are not yet using it, you may find it all very confusing. Small businesses have many choices when it comes to the cloud […]

XSTRA GroupĀ is a global supplier of IT and communication solutions.

On January 9th, it is Clean Off Your Desk Day. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, technology may be the answer. Have you ever noticed that when your desk is a mess, you feel as though you cannot get anything done? This is a common thing found in offices all over the […]